Tristan Mitchell

Tristan Mitchell

Melbourne, Australia


Our aim is to re-imagine the digital experience.

We are a creative workspace focused on slowly pushing the assumed relation between user and technology, by ensuring our products produce a meaningful bond with its users.

Founded in 2014, we serve a passionate undertaking both in the professional and creative workspaces. Our specialisms lie in User-Portal Focused Software Solutions, Website Production and Game Development.

Aternix was also conceptualised as a publishing bedrock for self-developed launch titles, alongside website and software services. Through enthusiastic commitment over the coming years, we hope to see these creative titles by Aternix and outside developers alike find successful launches in our portfolio.

About Me

I'm Tristan, but 'Twisty' has stuck my whole life. I was born and raised in rural Victoria and am 24y/o. I first started developing games at 10, and even then knew my adult life would be focused on producing experiences somewhere in the world of IT. I am currently knuckling down completing a BA CompSci at Swinburne Uni, Melbourne as of 2023. :)

I will be continuing my time on Aternix during and after Uni to see through titles currently in development.

  • Website Launch


    Aternix's new website was developed and launched in 2022/2023 as a central hub for all areas of service and creation. The site maintains news and updates regarding games aswell as a public forum.

  • War in Space


    Originally based off earlier games, War in Space Arcade was Aternix's first main-line launch titled to be published. This wave based arcade shooter contains 81 challenging levels with a robust focus tree. My inspiration for the War in Space series was Galaga and Chicken Invaders, where continuous perks are dropped and witty commentary deliniates stages.

  • Foundation


    Aternix was a initially a teenage project of mine to publish my games online and give myself a game-developer identity. During the brief life of the first website, I ran a personal forum, and had download links for dozens of smaller games I made over the years.

  • Original Games

    2008 - 2014

    Dozens of smaller games from numerous genres such as Arcade, Shooter, Strategy and Puzzle were created over my preteen and teen years. These projects gave me the dedication to move forward into the game industry after school, and pursue my understanding of what makes a gaming experience memorable.